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“Scientifically proven innovations for high quality products, effective air hygiene and safety.” For over 15 years, VIROBUSTER® International GmbH, based in Windhagen, Germany, has specialised in UV-C air disinfection. In 2003, we established the first patent in the world for technology based on UVPE (originally developed for medical use), which continues to be our USP to this day.


From medicine to industry

The first SARS-coronavirus/H5N1 avian influenza threats, and the later H1N1 influenza pandemic, have shown the whole world that airborne diseases can have a significant social and economic impact. Most recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, this has affected every single household. The importance of cleaner air - more precisely, the risk of infection from pathogens in the air - cannot be overstated. And this risk is what we have transformed into an opportunity. Today, VIROBUSTER® has developed partnerships across a wide range of industries in over 25 countries, and increasing demand from many other industries shows that VIROBUSTER® disinfection technology is effective and practical beyond medical applications. In particular, industries such as food production (industrial bakeries, delicatessens, fruit & vegetables, etc.), veterinary services, schools, government offices and transport & logistics are already successfully using our UVPE technology.

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