Air purification in public and private buildings

Air purification in public and private buildings is getting more and more important, because the germ load of indoor air influences well-being, productivity and sickness levels.


Low Energy Buildings

Due to the high proportion of recirculated air in houses with controlled domestic ventilation, VIROBUSTER® permanently cleans the air so that it is free from microorganisms and thereby ensures the well-being of inhabitants. Allergens are also eliminated in the same way.


Office Buildings

Thanks to the constant pressure to make energy savings, the minimum values for fresh air are constantly being reduced. A high proportion of recirculated air leads to an accumulation of microorganisms and VOCs in the ambient air.
80% of respiratory illnesses are viral infections. Standard air conditioning systems are not able to filter out viruses. VOC emissions through mould in ventilation systems and on walls affect the well-being and ability to concentrate of office workers. VIROBUSTER® eliminates viruses in air conditioning systems, reduces the accumulation of mould, increases productivity and reduces sick leave.



An absence of proper ventilation and a high number of pupils in small classrooms cause the spread of germs and allow VOC values to increase. Clean air makes all the difference – stand-alone VIROBUSTER® devices ensure low-cost and effective installation. The focus here is on protecting children and young adults.

Benefits for Public and Private Buildings

Increased pandemic protection
Integration into existing air conditioning systems
Retrofitting in existing air conditioning systems
Luftentkeimung in Bürogebäuden
Luftreinigung in Schulen