Clean Air for Baked Goods


In the area of bakery goods, the cooling process has a major influence on quality. Contaminated air presents a risk here, forcing companies to keep the cooling process as short as possible. This results in the products drying out.
VIROBUSTER® gives you the possibility of keeping long and tall cooling tunnels and storage facilities for stacking trolleys free from germs, allowing you to achieve a gentle and safe cooling process for your goods.



The production stage involving the transport of bakery goods occurs in various sectors. In addition to the cooling process, products are also transported for cutting or packing. With VIROBUSTER® and a pressure protection system, you can ensure that your products are not subjected to any external influences.


Cutting, packaging, filling

During the final stages before the goods are dispatched, the products are cut, filled and packaged. This is the last stage in which there is a risk of your product being exposed to germs in the air. With the help of VIROBUSTER®, we create a “high care” protection zone in order to ensure a germ-free and safe environment for packaging your products.

Lufthygiene für Backwaren