Clean Air for Fruit and Vegetable Industries

Cooling Tower/Conveyor

Cooked, boiled or fried goods are cooled in cooling tunnels or towers. During this process, air is actively blown at high speed over the product in order to produce heat exchange. Unfortunately, the air is often contaminated with germs, which therefore also means that germs are transferred to the product. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using VIROBUSTER® in air intake or recirculation systems.


Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts often cover long distances, which increases the risk of contamination from the air. In order to prevent this contamination, we recommend enclosing the conveyor belts and installing a pressure protection system. VIROBUSTER® supplies germ-free air to produce the excess pressure.


Cutting, Packaging

Cutting, packaging or filling is the last step in a production chain before the goods are sent on to the customer. Unfortunately, there is also a risk of contamination from the air at this stage. VIROBUSTER® therefore recommends creating a “high care” zone in order to guarantee optimum safety throughout the entire production process.

Benefits for Fruit and Vegetable Industries

Longer shelf life of the transported goods
Less preservatives needed
Fulfillment of the hygiene standards according to VDI 6022
Reduction of contamination risks
Luftdesinfektion in der Obst- und Gemüseindustrie