Clean Air for Meat, Fish, Sauces, Herbs and Ingredients

Meat and Fish

In addition to the listed areas of application, there are many other areas of application such as meat and fish production/transport, herbs, sauces and spreads.

It is wrong to assume that meat and fish spoil from the inside outwards. The basic substance is germ-free. It is only during processing that the products are exposed to exogenous contamination.


Beverage, Sauces, Spreads

As the tanks are emptied, contaminated air will normally flow in. To prevent this contaminated air from mixing with the products, we recommend that the incoming air is purified with VIROBUSTER®. VIROBUSTER® also helps to guarantee that the tanks remain germ-free during the drying process, once the tanks have been cleaned. During the filling process, the risk of contamination from germs in the ambient air is considerable. VIROBUSTER® gives you the possibility of creating local protection (high care) zones.


Herbs and Ingredients

Herbs have a low potential for contamination. Spores and germs can get onto the surface of the goods during condensation or the drying process and when the seasonings are processed, these germs can be activated and spoil the finished product.
Ingredients such as starter cultures and flavours, grated cheese for ready meals or chicken breast strips can also contribute towards contaminating the end product. Clean air is what makes the difference here, eliminating ingredients as the source of germs.

Benefits for Meat Production, Fish Production and Sauces

Longer shelf life
Natural taste, look and feel
Look and smell are retained
Increased product safety