Subsidised air purification for local authorities, schools and public spaces 

Social distancing, masks, working from home and home schooling, reduced budgets... all of these are issues facing local authorities, schools and other public institutions. A lack of ventilation, staff absenteeism and increased through traffic only add to the problem. There are various strategies to help schools and more run properly during the winter months, including regular ‘short, sharp’ ventilation, mask wearing and the use of CO2 sensors. Unfortunately, these measures only help to a certain extent, as:

  • Spaces must be designed for short, sharp ventilation, cross ventilation and the necessary social distancing
  • Short, sharp ventilation means higher heating costs, increased CO2 emissions and cold draughts
  • The inflow of dry winter air dries the mucous membranes and increases susceptibility to pathogens
  • CO2 sensors do not measure the aerosol/infection risk
  • The constant wearing of masks covering the mouth and nose is controversial

Air purification in schools, local authorities, childcare facilities and other public institutions is therefore an increasingly important topic - and quick, cost-efficient solutions are essential.


VIROBUSTER® UV-C devices are reasonable and eligible for subsidies

According to the German Federal Environmental Agency and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Health of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, if ventilation with fresh air is not possible, innovative air filtration techniques may also be used as part of the multi-barrier system for infection prevention, if their efficacy for the spaces in question is supported by plausible scientific evidence. 

VIROBUSTER® uses measurable UV technology, with scientifically proven technical and biological effects. In addition, subsidies of up to 100% are available for VIROBUSTER® disinfection systems. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about subsidised air purification for local authorities.

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Benefits for local authorities, schools and public institutions 

Subsidies of up to 100% available (in Germany)
VIROBUSTER® air purifiers work whatever the weather
Increased protection from pandemics
Increased productivity and staff protection
Optimal protection in case of dense through traffic
Low noise levels make our products suitable for long-term use

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