Air purification in Laboratories and Cleanrooms

When dealing with samples or highly infectious pathogens, optimum air hygiene is essential. As the name suggests, a germ-free environment is essential here. VIROBUSTER® helps to ensure optimum air hygiene. We can ensure air hygiene either with a floor-mounted device or through integration in an air conditioning system.


Safety Workbench

As well as surface disinfection, VIROBUSTER® can keep work surfaces free from germs with the help of an air shower. This guarantees an optimum working environment with low contamination potential for your samples.


Cold Storage Rooms and Units

During storage in cold rooms, optimum air hygiene is extremely important as it prevents the risk of contaminating samples.



An incubator is the perfect environment for the growth of microorganisms. To ensure that no contamination gets into the agar plates whilst they are in the incubator cabinet, VIROBUSTER® helps to ensure germ-free air and therefore a perfect laboratory result.

Keimfreie Luft im Labor
Clean Air in Clean Rooms

Low-germ Air in Clean Rooms