Our UVPE-based UV-C air purifiers versus other technologies

Pathogen reduction - a piece of cake with UVPE:

Comparing air purifiers can allow you to identify the best technology for your needs. In principle, these devices are a useful alternative if ventilation using windows or a building ventilation system are not possible. But which technology, which provider and which model are best suited to your specific needs and conditions? When comparing air purifiers, it is important to take into account:

  • Intended purpose
  • Device/ventilation capacity
  • Purification efficiency
  • Room volumes and
  • how polluted the ambient air is.

The right choice will differ depending on these aspects. If pollen or odours must be removed from the air, a different air purifier or combination of technologies may be required than for the elimination of mould, bacteria and viruses. And this is precisely where the UVPE principle comes in.

Benefits of UVPE versus traditional technologies

Maximum intensity versus standard UV-C

The combination of high-dose UV-C and special reflectors with a targeted displacement current is superior to traditional UV-C applications.

Fully user-safe and environmentally friendly

UVPE does not require replaceable filters (hazardous waste), generate emissions (including ozone) or use chemical additives. UV-C modules are built into modified tubes that are safe for people and the environment.

High device and space efficiency

VIROBUSTER® is proven to achieve 99.99% treatment rates (4 log) for SARS-CoV2 surrogates (Phi6 and MS2) and 99.999% (6 log) rates for H1N1 influenza viruses. This efficacy, together with the circulation principle, means that pathogen numbers are reduced not only around the device but throughout the whole room – within just a few minutes.

Comparatively noiseless

Our floor devices perform excellently in noise tests. With noise levels of approx. 29 dB for ventilation level 1, our STERIBASE® devices are suitable for long-term and night-time use. 

Cost-effective and low maintenance

Due to the low maintenance required (no filters to be replaced, etc.), the purchase cost is offset relatively quickly. 

Comparative applications of UVPE 

Space efficiency, 50 m3 room size and 300 m3/h ventilation capacity 

Device efficiency in one cycle 

Everyday noise levels in decibels (dB)

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