STERIBASE® 300 PLUS – An Overall Winner

STERIBASE® 300 Plus combines VIROBUSTER® technology with the unique, patented UVPE (ultraviolet pathogen elimination) technology and an attractive design. The personal console allows simple operation. The horizontal 270° air intake at low speed and the vertical air emission at high speed enable a maximum air mix rate and ensure that only contaminated air is processed.

STERIBASE® 300 PLUS at a glance:

  • Deactivation of all microorganisms in one passage
  • Simple to install and quick to commission
  • Intelligent monitoring & communication
  • Compatible with Building Management Systems
  • Mobile unit
  • Low noise level
Technical specifications

Dimensions: 500 x 600 x 1,640 mm (L x W x H)

Biological reduction: >99,99 %

Power: 240 Watt, 230–240 V

Maintenance: after 9,000 h

Airflow: 3 levels, from 150 up to >300 m3/h

Recommended use:Per device: Up to 20 people or surface area of 150 m2

Airflow/Noise level: Level 1: 150 m3/h / 29,4 dB(A) level 2: 225 m3/h / 40,5 dB(A) level 3: >300 m3/h / 47,2 db(A)

Included: Plug-and-play, ready-to-use device

Built-in filter: 3 washable stainless steel prefilters for coarse particles

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