Clean Air for Dairies

Dairy Tanks

As the tanks are emptied, contaminated air will normally flow in. To prevent this contaminated air from mixing with the products, we recommend that the incoming air is purified with VIROBUSTER®. VIROBUSTER® also helps to guarantee that the tanks remain germ-free during the drying process, once the tanks have been cleaned.



During the processing of dairy products, the following processes carry the highest risks of contaminating the product: mixing process (bacteriophages), frothing or scrubbing with brines. VIROBUSTER® is able to minimize these risks through two different approaches. Firstly, a building solution can be achieved by purifying the entire production facilities. The second approach is to purify the local production area.



Some products need to be matured or temporarily stored. During this process, it is not just a matter of getting the temperature and humidity right, keeping the air germ-free is also very important. Slight increases in temperature or humidity increase the risk of unwanted contamination.


Cutting, packaging, filling

During the final stages before the goods are dispatched, the products are cut, filled and packaged. This is the last stage in which there is a risk of your product being exposed to germs in the air. With the help of VIROBUSTER®, we create a “high care” protection zone in order to ensure a germ-free and safe environment for packaging your products.

Benefits for Dairies

Energy savings and faster maturing
Less dehydration, increased product weight
Improved taste
Less turning or cleaning
No need of Natamycin (organic product)
Lufthygiene für Molkereien